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MJW Financial helped us remortgage our house for a lower interest rate. I chose MJW because they had an A rating which they definitely lived up to. First of all, they were kind and respectful, next they were always “Johnny on the spot” getting the process started right away, keeping the paper process going and always being there with an answer whenever I had a question. They were always available and approachable for questions, never made me feel bad for asking questions. I really was glad I went to them and if I had it to do over again, I would make the same choice. I totally recommend them. I give them an A+ rating.



MJW Financial was a joy to deal with while working out the financing for the purchase of our first home. They were quick to respond, understand the business, and more importantly, understand how overwhelming purchasing your first home can be. All questions were answered in a timely manner and any major concerns they always made themselves available in person. I greatly appreciate all of the assistance and the additional friendship over the last few months. I would recommend MJW Financial to anyone who is in the process of looking for a home. Thank you!



MJW took the time to explore all options with me and find the one that worked out best in both the short and long term. They were able to effectively manage expectations while helping me stay calm through the entire process. They were great and I highly recommend them to anyone.



The MJW team made our home buying experience very quick and easy! I have worked with MJW on several purchases and recommend this company to anyone.



MJW was very professional throughout the entire process. They walked me through everything and explained every part of the process. I was completely comfortable throughout the process. There is no dumb question with them and they are very knowledgeable and resourceful with additional contacts for contractors and repairmen for any and everything one would need for their home. I would highly recommend MJW for your lending needs.



It was great working with MJW Financial. They were super responsive throughout the whole process and explained everything. They got me a great rate and I had no issues closing. I never knew how smooth and painless getting a mortgage could be. I highly recommend MJW, they are definitely the best lender I have worked with and the only one from now on!

Ryan C.


We used MJW to refinance our home. They were very professional and responsive. It was by far the smoothest finance/refinance we have ever done. I had called around and they offered the best interest rate and lowest closing costs I could find. The person who closed our loan at the Title Company remarked that the interest rate was the best she had seen. Every time I sent them an e-mail with questions or information they would reply very quickly and seem very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend and use them again.



I Used MJW Financial to refinance my home. They were exceptionally organized, punctual with any correspondence via e-mail, or telephone. They were true professionals, with great integrity. They know their business and gets the job done. I would highly recommend MJW Financial.



I am very pleased with the service provided by MJW Financial LLC. I’d been considering a mortgage refinance for quite some time. They walked me through all of my re-finance options, taking the time to ensure I understood everything. Once I’d made a decision on the type of loan I wanted, they promptly provided me the loan applications, paperwork, etc…. and worked with me very closely to ensure I submitted all the necessary paperwork. They kept me updated every step of the way, through the loan approval process, the appraisal, and the closing process. I had no surprises at closing because they took the time to clearly explain all the details to me ahead of time. Bottom line is they were able to cut 2.75% off my interest rate and take me from 26 years to 15 years, with a payment that was less than $100 more per month than what I was currently paying. They also waived my credit fee and appraisal fee which was a nice surprise! Beyond the financial benefits, I am extremely pleased with the level of service MJW Financial provided. Their clear priority was to ensure I had a high quality experience. I will use MJW Financial for future purchases and re-finances and will recommend the company to everyone I know. I give MJW Financial an A++++



MJW Financial went above and beyond in staying connected to us, responding to questions in the middle of the night and making us feel comfortable with our first mortgage. AND, they followed-up with us when rates had dropped and secured a phenomenal deal on a refinance 10 months later. We barely had to lift a finger! My wife and I are fast movers; we don’t like to sit on open decisions. After an initial handshake, we called MJW and told them we were perfectly ready to make an offer on our dream house. They were available via text message and face-to-face meetings while we gathered our paperwork and they assembled dozens and dozens of forms to prep our mortgage. Compared to the experiences of a handful of our friends with other brokers, MJW provided *exceptional* and informative service. In comparison with our personal network, we haven’t yet heard of a broker that even comes close to this level of performance. We recommend MJW to friends and colleagues without hesitation! As a bonus, they texted me a few months ago when rates had dropped, and offered their expertise in refinancing our mortgage. After some initial research and financial estimates (confirming the benefit), we took advantage of their services to broker the refinance – it went as splendidly as the initial purchase did.


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